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We (Sandra and Ping) met in 2015, at Cañada College in Redwood City, California, while we were both working on our Technical Design certificates. When we realized we had similar goals and interests, we decided to team up! Over the next several months, we'll be covering a variety of sewing-related topics such as: talking about our favorite sewing tools/tips/tricks, discussing the discrepancies of body sizes vs RTW (Ready-To-Wear) clothing sizes, and sharing behind the scenes snippets of the two patterns we're working on for Fall 2018. 


You may know Ping from her blog peneloping.com where she's been blogging her sewing projects for the past several years. She's originally from California but moved to Boston for four very cold years before escaping back to warmer weather. In her down time, she enjoys taking pictures of other people's cats, not wearing pants, and playing computer games. 

Sandra has been sewing since she was a kid, but spent her young adulthood in the tech industry before returning to textiles. She hails from Vancouver, BC, and while her Canadian accent is waning after a decade in California, she does insist that colour is spelled correctly, and her title at home is pronounced mum, not mom.


We're pretty passionate about all women feeling good about themselves and their bodies, and we want our patterns to reflect that. We're working on patterns that are wardrobe staples with unique, customizable details, that are available in a broad size range, and are also simple to adjust to fit your body exactly. 

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We have so much we want to share with you all, and we're so excited for the next few months!