Ping + Sandra at Work

It's been a whole month since we started the blog at Fig + Needle, and we've been so overwhelmed and honoured by the amazing and positive response we've received! We have a lot to do before we can release our first patterns in Fall 2018. Here's a small glimpse into what we've been working on.


Although we collaborate extensively on our  designs, Ping is in charge of finalizing the details of each pattern. By sewing samples and testing fit, she can better judge how each design will look, and make changes accordingly. She's also trying out different fabrics to discover what works and what really really doesn't. Aside from the blog, Ping is also working on our social media presence and cooking up some fun downloadables for release in a few weeks. 


Meanwhile, Sandra has been working on getting the larger size sloper pattern ready, fitting it to a dressform padded out to look like an actual human. She's also primarily in charge of managing the website, balancing the budget, and organizing all the "business end" details, so she feels like she's spent more time on her laptop than at the sewing machine, so far!

We're so excited for what's coming up, and are so grateful to everyone for all your support. 

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