Faron // fabric ideas

We had so much fun choosing fabrics for our Faron samples, and wanted to share some of the fabrics we used, and a couple still on our list to sew up!



Is there anything more luscious than an amazing piece of wool? We like to steam-shrink with an iron before cutting out the pieces, but make sure you test a swatch first!

Find this fabric here (414 - grey & natural herringbone).


We love corduroy for the Faron jumper! Just make sure to remember it has nap and you may need to deviate from the cutting instructions to ensure all pieces are cut in the right direction!

Find this fabric here.



Linen would be a great fabric to sew a Faron for summer. It’s breathable, easy to clean, and has amazing drape. A linen Faron would be so cute over a summery tee or tank top.

Find this fabric here.


We love the idea of a Faron with slightly more give. You’ll want to find a fairly stable medium to heavy weight ponte, and you might even size down a bit for less ease.

Find this fabric here.

denim swatch_faron_corduroy.png


A denim Faron is definitely on our sewing list. We recommend using something similar to the weight you’d want for jeans to ensure enough body in the garment. Also, depending on the wash, you may have to pre-wash a couple times to get all the extra dye out!

Find this fabric here.

What fabrics are you planning to use for your Farons?

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*Note: these are not affiliate links! Just fabrics we liked :)