Elwynn // fabric ideas

Today we wanted to share some fabric inspiration for sewing your very own Elwynn blouses! We tried a bunch of different fabrics and textures to experiment, and below are some of our favorites and some on our wishlist.


Rayon challis

Rayon challis is so nice and drapey, but is super prone to wrinkling and shifting, so you might want to starch it or otherwise stabilize it when cutting.

You can find this fabric here.

Double gauze

Double gauze is basically two layers of gauze woven together to form a super soft and breathable fabric. Garments have a little more structure, but in a way where you’re basically wearing a cloud.

You can find this striped floral fabric here.


Cotton lawn

Cotton is always nice; it’s stable, easy to cut, easy to sew, readily available, and easy to care for. Cotton lawn has all those qualities and is lighter weight than quilting cotton.

You can find this fabric here.


Crepe is an awesome option for an Elwynn with nice drape that typically won’t wrinkle much, if at all!

You can find this fabric here.

2019-02-08 (1).png


We love any opportunity to include a sheer yoke! Use lace on the yoke with a solid on the bodice, or use lace for the whole thing and wear a tank top underneath. The options are endless.

You can find this fabric here.

What fabrics are you thinking of for your Elwynns?

Don’t forget to tag your makes with #FNelwynn so we can see what you’ve made!

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