Faron Hack // Side Zip

Today we’re sharing a fun and super easy way to switch up your Faron for a slightly different effect. Sandra whipped up a Faron that is cut on the fold at the front (eliminating the center front seam), and has an invisible zipper at the side, rather than an separating zipper along the front, all with just one small pattern change!


The Hack:

  1. Trace a copy of your center front pattern piece (#1) and front facing pattern piece (#5).

  2. On each piece, trim 5/8” from the edge of the center front (CF).

  3. Both of these pieces should be cut on the fold of the fabric. All other pieces can be cut as normal.


Construction Tips:

  1. Sew the princess seams as instructed, but skip sewing the center back (CB) seam. After sewing the shoulder seams, finish the sewn edges, but then skip the zipper installation and go straight to attaching the facings. The back seam and both side seams should not be sewn at this point.

  2. When turning the facing right side out, lay the garment flat, but instead of reaching between the back jumper and back facing, reach up through the front of the garment and pull the back pieces through.

  3. Pin and sew the center back seam, and then the right side seam, once the facing has been understitched.

  4. On the left side of the garment, attach an invisible zipper from the left underarm seam to the hip. Sew the left side seam from hem to where the invisible zipper stops.

  5. Tuck zipper end in under facing, and hand stitch facing to zipper.

2019-03-11 (2).jpg

Sandra made this side-zip hacked Faron in a Rifle Paper Co rayon fabric. She took 3” out of the torso (she’s 5’1” and claims she has no torso to speak of), graded from a 16 in the bust to 18 in the waist and hips, and did a square shoulder adjustment. Paired with a lightweight button up or a t-shirt, or even worn on its own, this is a great combination for warmer weather!

(Is it spring yet?)

2019-03-11 (1).jpg

What Faron hacks are on your list to try?

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